Come as you are, as formal or comfortable as you like.

Let’s be honest, we’re talking about the end of July in Southern California. It’s likely to be hot. And our venue isn’t air conditioned, although we hope to have lots of fans blowing.

Alicia and Robert will be in formal dress, as appropriate for such a momentous occasion, but you don’t have to be. Feel free to dress as formally or comfortably as you like. We won’t judge, we’ll just be happy to have you there on our special day.

If you’d like to fit into our color palette, we’re going with purple and green. Alicia’s purple can really only be described with a hex value (#8d32e3, like this text) and Robert is going with Sage. Black is always appropriate, considering our long history on (and back-) stage, but please, be comfortable.

Bottom line (TL;DR) is, dress however you feel. Shorts and tuxedos will both make us happy. Just be there.