Our Story

We met in the fall of 1974. We shared a couple of classes in middle school, and discovered our mutual interests in music, drama, and science fiction. Our friendship grew stronger in high school, and were happily part of a colorful group of brilliant misfits. We were founding members of a small acting troupe, which played at mostly retirement homes and tried for years to get our high school to produce a toned down version of the Rocky Horror Show. Even then, we were ahead of our time.

Happy birthday Robert, some 40+ years ago. All that hair!

Our romance blossomed after graduation, and Robert was so distracted that he dropped out of college several times. Shared tragedy led to Robert’s moving in with Alicia and her family, and becoming a third child to our beloved Mom, whose birthday we decided to celebrate with our nuptials (and the unusual date, sorry it’s a Wednesday this year.)

Things fell apart, as they often do, a few years later, but we kept in touch and remained close friends. Life took us in different directions as we pursued our own paths. Robert eventually moved to Mount Shasta, exploring many alternative faiths and lifestyles, communing with nature, and basically living like a hermit. Alicia also followed her dreams, and pursued a career in early childhood development.

Robert already had over 15 years’ experience giving Alicia headaches when this picture was taken, in early 1997. See the love and devotion in his eyes. Connie, middle, has no idea what’s to come., other than cookies!

But there was always something missing. Regrets for what might have been grew, and the two friends grew ever closer, eventually deciding to live together again, and Robert finally moved back to Long Beach.

Secret hopes finally blossomed, and the romance flourished once again. They seized the opportunity to move back to the old neighborhood, and from there all the pieces of their lives fell back into place. Alicia finally proposed to Robert on a Saturday afternoon, and got an immediate, exuberant, “Yes!” We picked a date almost immediately, and we’re looking forward to having you with us on this incredibly special day.

Then the country closed down because of a worldwide health crisis. Gatherings were out of the question, and it meant too much to us to formalize our union over teleconference, so we decided to put the celebration we want off until it’s safer to include our circle of friends and family. Not wanting a different date (it’s significant), we decided to postpone our union for a year, and when things got worse instead of better, into 2022. Because of global recovery efforts, we feel the time to strike is now (and we’re tired of waiting!)

Get the shots, if you haven’t We want you with us on our special day.